Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The media review portion of my adventure begins!

Hello friends!

Back by popular demand, (erm... or rather because Trina reminded me) comes an update! Yaaay!

We're going to re-visit my NaNoWriMo adventure at a later date because, well, I just don't feel like talking about it until I have more to tell. No, today, I would like to discuss my ultimate plan for this blog. Yes, that's right Queyland, (Oh, you didn't know that I renamed the Internet?) I do have an actual goal in mind other than blathering on about inane subjects, though there will be plenty of that when the mood strikes me.

And that goal is media reviews! Yes, books, movies, TV shows and perhaps an album here and there. I will be reviewing anything I see fit or unfit, really. I'm pretty sure that most of you won't read them but on the off chance that someone is surfing the 'net looking for a random person's thoughts on a certain new book or the latest episode of their favorite show--Well, I'd like to think that they may run across this sweet little blog.

So, this brings me to the announcement of my VERY FIRST Queyland Blog review! This is my official shout-out to my A2A/A2TV peeps and you all know who you are . . . I hope you will enjoy my upcoming review of the Alias (tv show airing from 2001-2006) tie-in prequel novel: Recruited. If you've got a couple extra bucks I highly recommend that you read along with me. The book itself is running for as little as a penny when you follow the linky above.

That's all for right now. This book is a pretty quick read so expect to see my review to appear within the next week.

Until then, I know Jon-Pierre would like for me to let you all know that he is almost ready for the winter but wonders if any of you might have any extra doll socks that he can use. He would like to sew them onto his drawers to make a few new pairs of long-johns. Thank you very much!

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