Monday, October 18, 2010


As I look at my desktop gnome, I ask him, "Jon-Pierre, what is the essence of me? What makes me tick? What's my flavor of crazy?"

To which Jon-Pierre hitched up his pant leg, took a draw from his corncob pipe and said, "Glenda, you have a passion for the incredible. You crave the fantastic. And you do a great impression of Winston Churchill. All-in-all, you're one hell of a lady...." At this point I blush, of course. It's not everyday that one's desktop gnome gives you such a great compliment. But my blush turns to a scowl in the next breath.

Jon-Pierre slaps his knee and nearly chokes on a laugh. "I just knew I couldn't get away with this and keep a straight face! Do you really expect me to keep secret your penchant for--mmpphhtttbbmmbt."

Um, Jon-Pierre seems to have a momentary frog in his throat. I thank you for your time and interest in my blog. K, thanks.